MOCHILAS WAYUU – Unique Handmade Colombian Bags

Buy beautiful, authentic bags, handmade and handcrafted in Colombia solely by the women of the Wayuu tribe.

These women have been taught the art of weaving from a young age, a tradition which has been passed down through many generations. Not only is this art solely created by the Wayuu women, but Wayuu children take their mothers surname- this making these women cultural and powerful leaders of their tribe. Something that we at AMIGO care deeply about.

Each bag can take up to two months to create, each telling its own unique story about the Wayuu history and culture. Own a functional, beautiful piece of art in a way which supports and respects its creators. 

One-of-a-kind Mochila Wayuu handbags, authentic and Fairtrade

These gorgeous bags are not only one off works of art (Yes- when you purchase, NO ONE else will have that same bag) but they are 100% FAIR TRADE! This means that with every bag purchased you are giving back to the Wayuu community, helping improve their health, education and housing.

The Wayuu tribe rely on these beautiful works of art as a way to build financial support for their families and community… So help us give back to our AMIGOS, and get yours today!